Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I was finally able to spend some quality time with my hubby today. We went to my favorite Irish spot in Memphis, Celtic Crossing. They had an adorable Leprechaun walking around who had to keep stopping to adjust his beard. I played “Designated Dave” while he had an Irish Car Bomb and a green beer. We both enjoyed hearing the bag pipers and indulging in the yummy food. I was stuffed silly, but after grabbing a quick geocache that is usually guarded by a very vocal, morally and residentially challenged heroine addict, B was craving O’Charley’s chicken tenders. I tend to gravitate towards one of a kind locally owned restaurants  but sometimes you just have to belly-up to a commercial establishment and grin and bare the hit-or-miss service. I felt like such a cow sitting there. I was already full and felt obligated to order more food. Half a bowl of soup later and we miserably made our way to Shelby Farms to spy on a few geocachers out hunting our pride and joy. We made fast friends with a nice local family of 3 and spent far too long standing around talking in a field. A quick Driver License check on the way home and we were both ready for bed.

I’m barely keeping my eyes open now, but felt obligated to type something out. It may not be terribly interesting but it is my life. If I could figure out how to get my oldest cat, Luxor, to stop yelling at me, today would be a close to perfect day.


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