Passing the Torch

I keep a plush TARDIS in my car. When you squeeze it, it plays the “vworp vworp vworp” noise of the TARDIS de-materializing. My brother’s oldest son has known for a while now what a TARDIS is, and the name of the mad man who travels in it. Today I was finally able to sit him down with a bag of popcorn and Netflix, and introduce him to my Doctor. He’s almost 9 so I started him with the 2005 revive series. The older episodes are harder to collect so I think we’ll have to revisit them once my collection is as good as it’s going to get, and he’s a little older and has actually witnessed a regeneration or two. I was a little worried that he wouldn’t get it. It brings tears to my eyes now, as I write this account, to know that I have planted the Whovian seed.

Next to my plush TARDIS is a plush dalek. He’s heard the groaning cries of “EXTERMINATE” and has been most excited to see the “mean R2-D2 trashcan guys.” The next episode in the list is “Dalek“, our first time seeing the mechanically-reliant race in the new run of Who. He was most entranced by the Slitheens’ booger like qualities, and the Autons‘ plastic nastiness.

I couldn’t be any more proud of my nephew. I look forward to many more hours of watching and discussing the Doctor’s adventures with him. I’ve already got him singing along to the theme song. I love that little man!


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