I’ve been unemployed for over a month and have been “helping out” my uncle for most of that time. He’s moved in to my parents’ house and has pretty much set up camp on the couch in the living room. We’ve established him a bedroom with a big screen TV and all the squishy pillows he could ask for, but he maintains his perch passed out on the couch. I understand not wanting to be alone, but even on days when everyone is out of the house at work or on errands, he prefers to sleep on the couch than in the bed. Also, he keeps complaining to the doctors about this symptom or that symptom and keeps getting more and more prescription medications, but REFUSES to take them. I know he’s depressed and in a lot of pain. I feel so selfish in thinking that my efforts are unappreciated. I don’t even care if he likes what I’m doing for him. I just need to know that he wants me around. I just don’t know that I can continue putting for the effort for someone who doesn’t want it. I am so frustrated. I am afraid that I’m treating him more like a child than an uncle. “You need to eat to take your meds.” “You need to take your meds to feel better.” “Did you eat?” “Did you take your meds?’ “Don’t pick and choose them. They’re already sorted out for your daily doses. Just open the Monday container and take them all.”

I just want to scream sometimes. You keep complaining but won’t do what you KNOW will at least make you feel a little better.

My parents keep asking me to do this or that for my uncle, but they aren’t willing or able to do it themselves. His son and brother barely seem interested in the process at all. I can’t keep doing this by myself. My uncle isn’t participating in his own care. He’s just there. I don’t know what to do.



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2 responses to “Frustration

  1. Would he try nutrition? Nutrition can help with many things but it sounds like he needs help with the depression first so he feels better and wants to live…..

    • He’s pretty much at rock bottom, or almost at rock bottom. It’s like convincing a child when it comes to getting him to take his meds and most days he doesn’t have more than a cup or less of milk. His appetite is gone, but the pill they’ve given him for that won’t do any good if he won’t take it.

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