Georgia On My Mind

Weekend recap:

Friday found us narrowing down our apartment choices. We found a place that felt so cozy and inviting that it was all we could do not to throw cash down and dance a jig. We’ll be filling out the paperwork when we get home and starting the application process to get us on the list. After that we went to the sign-in event for GeoWoodstock for a little while and got our swag. After that it was off to the 24 hour day at the Magic Kingdom. I was really surprised at the size of the crowd. I was also fascinated by the large number of adults and children sleeping on benches and in corners. We met a really awesome couple from a few hours away and spent the night chatting with them. We exchanged info and I hope that after we get settled in we can hang out with them again.

Saturday was GeoWoodstock and I’ve got to say it wasn’t what I was expecting…in a GOOD way. I imagined a very condensed meeting space with vendors stacked on top of each other, but instead I was surprised with a vast area with vendors spaced well apart down a wide trail. There were a LOT of people from all over the world wandering around and generally having a good time. We had lunch with a couple from Germany who are living in Mexico. We got a few hundred travel bug codes and some really cool stuff. We ate good food and listened to some informative and entertaining discussion panels. I hope we can make it to St. Charles, MO for GeoWoodstock XII next year.

Sunday, after a LONG sleep, we took off towards the MK for a few last purchases and lunch at the Diamond Horseshoe. We were in the car by 2pm and headed for the beach. We stopped at the Daytona Speedway and dipped our toes in the Atlantic ocean and then aimed the car at Savannah, GA. We finally got around to checking off state number 6 by sleeping just over the South Carolina border. Dinner from Wendy’s and 2 loads of laundry and we passed out.

Today we hope to make it to Fredericksbug, VA for another hotel room and some more adventuring.


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  1. Sherri

    -the nice couple

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