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Georgia On My Mind

Weekend recap:

Friday found us narrowing down our apartment choices. We found a place that felt so cozy and inviting that it was all we could do not to throw cash down and dance a jig. We’ll be filling out the paperwork when we get home and starting the application process to get us on the list. After that we went to the sign-in event for GeoWoodstock for a little while and got our swag. After that it was off to the 24 hour day at the Magic Kingdom. I was really surprised at the size of the crowd. I was also fascinated by the large number of adults and children sleeping on benches and in corners. We met a really awesome couple from a few hours away and spent the night chatting with them. We exchanged info and I hope that after we get settled in we can hang out with them again.

Saturday was GeoWoodstock and I’ve got to say it wasn’t what I was expecting…in a GOOD way. I imagined a very condensed meeting space with vendors stacked on top of each other, but instead I was surprised with a vast area with vendors spaced well apart down a wide trail. There were a LOT of people from all over the world wandering around and generally having a good time. We had lunch with a couple from Germany who are living in Mexico. We got a few hundred travel bug codes and some really cool stuff. We ate good food and listened to some informative and entertaining discussion panels. I hope we can make it to St. Charles, MO for GeoWoodstock XII next year.

Sunday, after a LONG sleep, we took off towards the MK for a few last purchases and lunch at the Diamond Horseshoe. We were in the car by 2pm and headed for the beach. We stopped at the Daytona Speedway and dipped our toes in the Atlantic ocean and then aimed the car at Savannah, GA. We finally got around to checking off state number 6 by sleeping just over the South Carolina border. Dinner from Wendy’s and 2 loads of laundry and we passed out.

Today we hope to make it to Fredericksbug, VA for another hotel room and some more adventuring.


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More Pros than Cons

Today started off kinda slow. We woke up when the alarm went off, even though getting moving took a little longer. By the time we made it to the Lobby for our free breakfast, the entire list of hotel guests were already making waffles and fighting over the last egg scrapings from the pan. B and I managed to scavenge a few pieces of sausage, some muffins and bread (the wait time for the toaster was outrageous and I guess they were all out of fastpasses), and some yogurt. I was thrilled to get the last strawberry yogurt, but B was forced to endure one of the dozens of peach yogurts left in the cooler. Since there weren’t two empty seats left together we went back to our room to eat our meal in peace. We made a 4-cup pot of coffee (that is still sitting in the pot 12 hours later because housekeeping in this less than stellar hotel doesn’t know how to do their job) and planned our day.

A typical BnJBish Disney vacation revolves around carefully planned dining reservations, acquiring as many fastpasses as possible, and zig-zagging our way across the parks as quickly as we can. Now that we’ve got our annual passes and are planning to move down here, things a quite a bit different. In two days we’ve ridden three rides and seen one fireworks show. We did do one of the Special Agent missions, which was a lot of fun because we’re fans of Phineas and Ferb. We’ve had two Dole Whips with Rum, two Dole Whip floats, some dozen bottles of water, two pretzels, some apple slices, one hot dog with fries, and one big splurge dinner. Since even the quick service portions are huge we’re really good just splitting something. Tonight however, we decided that since we had some extra gift cards from the AP purchase, we deserved a nice dinner. We ate at Restaurant Marrakesh, partly because we’d never been there before but mostly because they had an openning when we wanted to eat. I can’t believe we waited so long to try it out. I’ve never had Moroccan food before and now I can’t figure out why. It was really good. Everything made me want to lick the plate. Beef soup, beef roll, kabobs, and baklava…it was all amazing. We finished off the meal with a yummy green tea with fresh sprig of mint leaves in it. We will definitely be eating there again in the future.

After dinner, we wandered around a great museum exhibit and meandered through some amazing gift shops. Now, Disney LOVES their gift shops, but the ones in the world showcase are a step above your Mickey Mouse flip flops and keychains. Some of the countries had very culturally specific merchandise. Scarves, chopsticks, imported snacks. When the window shopping ran out we started hunting for a spot to watch Illuminations. While waiting we met two really nice ladies from the Chicago area. Kirsten and Sarah (I forgot to ask if she was with an h or without, but since I like aitches I thought I’d give her one) were really nice and didn’t make fun of me for crying during the show. The music always gets me because B and I used it at our wedding. After saying goodnight to the ladies we made a stop at Walgreen’s before heading back to the hotel.

Side note: The Walgreen’s carries fresh sushi. They’re right across from Sea World. Anyone else thing that’s strange?

So, there are these little TINY bugs in our room. We’ve mostly seen them on the bed, but there were a few in the bathroom. They’re about 1mm big and jump like fleas. I have NO idea what they are or where they’re coming from. We think the AC but we’re not sure. We left a note for housekeeping but they didn’t fix the problem while we were out today. Just like they left us hairy towels in the bathroom and didn’t clean the coffee maker. They did get a nice $2 tip out of us. They won’t be getting that tomorrow. When I went to the front desk to complain just now, I was answered with a stack of bed clothes and told that I could change them myself but that nothing else could be done tonight. I was offered another room in a much less conveinent part of the hotel, but that was more hassel than just killing the bugs as they pop up. I’ll be talking with the manager in the morning before we go out to play. ::Fingers Crossed::

Well, time to change the sheets and try to sleep. All in all it was a pretty good day. Cain’t a few buggies bring me down.


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Let’s Get This Show On The Road

The last few clothes are tumbling in the dryer. Everything else is packed or about to be packed. The adventure starts today. Leg one will see us from Memphis to central Florida. I hope to write each night about our daily memories. Stay tuned…

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