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The Long and Winding Road

It has been a LONG day! It’s really been a long two days but who’s counting? We woke up at home around 8am yesterday. After a full day of taking care of a few final responsibilities we finally made our way out of town around 7pm. This of course after loading the clown car (Prius C) with 3 weeks worth of everything we could possibly need and then buzzing all over town for every Disney gift card every Kroger had in stock. (Double fuel points FTW!) Then we FINALLY skipped town and headed south. We checked off Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia off the list before landing in Florida around 11am. There were a few gas, bathroom, and geocache stops along the way. To be honest, most of it is a blur at this point. I got my 2nd wind when we got out of the car at Downtown Disney.

We used the almost $2000 worth of gift cards to buy Premier Annual Passes to Disney. Being the Mouse Junkies that we are, we knew that this whole adventure couldn’t really kick off until we went to Walt Disney World and since we’re going to California on this trip, it only made sense to upgrade the $100-ish to include access to Disneyland, also. After an emotional process (too excited to contain myself) we had the beautiful cards in hand and set off to explore the parks. 

Since Star Wars Weekends kicked off at Disney’s Hollywood Stuios today, we started there. It was a bit surreal how crowded it was, but that was to be expected. We didn’t ride anything, but we wandered around taking in the festivities for a while and then set out for the Magic Kingdom. We mostly strolled around the new Fantasyland expansion, but we did take the time to ride the new Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and I must say I was throughly pleased with how the attraction turned out. After that, the steam started to die down and hunger had set in. We set off for EPCOT to grab some Fish and Chips and settle in for our favorite fireworks show, Iluminations.

The Flower and Garden Festival has been going on so there were a few special food/drink stations set up. Once of which was a pineapple themed booth. A wonderful snack called a Dole Whip, which as far as I know can only be found in 3 places on the planet, was featured at this mysterious limited time engagement in a surprise 4th location. Dole Whip is smooth and delicious pineapple flavored soft-serve ice cream. To our delight the addition of spiced rum was an option in this one location so we had to indulge. After a lovely fish dinner we realized the we were too exhausted to last one more hour for the fireworks.

So here I sit, miserably tired and so unbelievable blessed to have started this wonderful adventure. The next few days will hopefully be filled with many more unforgettable memories.

To be continued….


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So I’ve had a few very LONG days in a row. Since I quit my job I haven’t been able to figure out when to sleep to maximize my time. I’ve been playing chauffeur for my uncle, making sure he gets to his radiation appointments on time, while still trying to spend time with my husband who is working grave shift, and somehow trying to stay awake while he’s at work so I can try to get some things done. All while making sure my baby cat, Bellagio, is getting her Phenobarbital on time. That has left me sleeping two or three hours and then being awake for 4 or 5 hours. I’m reaching my limits. I’m so tired right now my ears are stuffed up, my head is pounding, and my eyes are burning.  When I do sleep I wake up barely able to move my left arm because my bicep and shoulder hurt so bad. Now the right side is staring to do it, too. It’s really got me freaked out, but I don’t have insurance so, I can’t afford to go to a doctor to find out what’s wrong.

I did manage to tackle and defeat a few very challenging puzzle caches this week. B and I are almost done with the locally-notorious “Flip Dizzy” series. We already had a few worked out, but managed to solve and find 3 in 3 days. We have another two that have been solved but haven’t had time to go get it. There’s one more to figure out, and then the final. I also started investigating a puzzle cache that has never been found. A few hours led me to a promising lead, I just hope it wasn’t all for naught.

A few years ago I pretty much quit caffeine because it made me feel like my heart was doing jumping-jacks. Over the past week, I’ve found myself indulging with an overpriced barista-blend or two, to get through the days. I noticed this on my last trip.


This is not the greatest coffee in the world. This is just the tribute. Or is it more appropriate to say, “I volunteer as coffee”?

It’s almost 3:00am, so, no white chocolate mocha for me. Sleep. I definitely need sleep.

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