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Ease On Down The Road

It’s been a long few days, but I’ve finally found a free moment. Let’s see how long it takes me to catch up. I’ll try to be brief.

Sunday night we saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert at the Amway Center in Orlando. I’ve been a Beatles fan for as long as I can remember, so this was an exceptionally big deal for me. From start to finish it was all I ever dreamed of and more. He played a lot of old stuff, a good deal of mid-range stuff, and a little bit of new stuff. I sang and clapped and screamed. I even cried a few times. I am so happy I had the opportunity to see that man do what he loves to do. If I could ever say just one thing to him, I’d thank him for sharing so much of himself with us.

So what else have we been up to? We have spent a LOT of time at WDW over the last 6 days. We even drove over from Tampa (about an hour and a half) just to see the Wishes fireworks show and Main Street Electrical Parade and the Magic Kingdom. It was after 2am when we got back to our friends house, and we were exhausted, but it was well worth the drive over. MSEP has always been my favorite parade.

We spent 3 awesome nights staying with a really amazing family that I”m glad to call part of my selected family. They gave us free sanctuary, and I am so grateful for such kind people. They fed us some really good food, and even let us cook dinner one night to repay their kindness. Their son even got me hooked on my first Anime. It’s called Zero No Tsukaima. The best way I can explain it is it’s a lot like the Japanese spin on a French Hogwarts, but with more innuendo. I look forward to watching more episodes.

We looked at some apartments today and have a few more to check out tomorrow. I think we’re narrowing it down, which is good because I really want to get it narrowed down to a short list of 3 places for us to finalize with through e-mail and snail mail. I know that we’re not going to be able to make another trip down between now and the tentative move date of Aug 1st.

We checked into our hotel tonight for Geo-Woodstock. We met a guy from Ohio and another guy from Switzerland while hitting the vending machines. It’s so weird to just look at someone and know that they accept you and your hobby. Also, there’s something like 4 24hr Starbucks in the immediate area. This is going to be a VERY nice thing tomorrow night. After check-in to Woodstock, we’re headed back over to the MK for their 24hr Disney day. I know we’re going to be exhausted, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I think that about covers it. Bed time. Say your prayers and count your blessings. I never realized how much I have. I am so thankful!


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More Pros than Cons

Today started off kinda slow. We woke up when the alarm went off, even though getting moving took a little longer. By the time we made it to the Lobby for our free breakfast, the entire list of hotel guests were already making waffles and fighting over the last egg scrapings from the pan. B and I managed to scavenge a few pieces of sausage, some muffins and bread (the wait time for the toaster was outrageous and I guess they were all out of fastpasses), and some yogurt. I was thrilled to get the last strawberry yogurt, but B was forced to endure one of the dozens of peach yogurts left in the cooler. Since there weren’t two empty seats left together we went back to our room to eat our meal in peace. We made a 4-cup pot of coffee (that is still sitting in the pot 12 hours later because housekeeping in this less than stellar hotel doesn’t know how to do their job) and planned our day.

A typical BnJBish Disney vacation revolves around carefully planned dining reservations, acquiring as many fastpasses as possible, and zig-zagging our way across the parks as quickly as we can. Now that we’ve got our annual passes and are planning to move down here, things a quite a bit different. In two days we’ve ridden three rides and seen one fireworks show. We did do one of the Special Agent missions, which was a lot of fun because we’re fans of Phineas and Ferb. We’ve had two Dole Whips with Rum, two Dole Whip floats, some dozen bottles of water, two pretzels, some apple slices, one hot dog with fries, and one big splurge dinner. Since even the quick service portions are huge we’re really good just splitting something. Tonight however, we decided that since we had some extra gift cards from the AP purchase, we deserved a nice dinner. We ate at Restaurant Marrakesh, partly because we’d never been there before but mostly because they had an openning when we wanted to eat. I can’t believe we waited so long to try it out. I’ve never had Moroccan food before and now I can’t figure out why. It was really good. Everything made me want to lick the plate. Beef soup, beef roll, kabobs, and baklava…it was all amazing. We finished off the meal with a yummy green tea with fresh sprig of mint leaves in it. We will definitely be eating there again in the future.

After dinner, we wandered around a great museum exhibit and meandered through some amazing gift shops. Now, Disney LOVES their gift shops, but the ones in the world showcase are a step above your Mickey Mouse flip flops and keychains. Some of the countries had very culturally specific merchandise. Scarves, chopsticks, imported snacks. When the window shopping ran out we started hunting for a spot to watch Illuminations. While waiting we met two really nice ladies from the Chicago area. Kirsten and Sarah (I forgot to ask if she was with an h or without, but since I like aitches I thought I’d give her one) were really nice and didn’t make fun of me for crying during the show. The music always gets me because B and I used it at our wedding. After saying goodnight to the ladies we made a stop at Walgreen’s before heading back to the hotel.

Side note: The Walgreen’s carries fresh sushi. They’re right across from Sea World. Anyone else thing that’s strange?

So, there are these little TINY bugs in our room. We’ve mostly seen them on the bed, but there were a few in the bathroom. They’re about 1mm big and jump like fleas. I have NO idea what they are or where they’re coming from. We think the AC but we’re not sure. We left a note for housekeeping but they didn’t fix the problem while we were out today. Just like they left us hairy towels in the bathroom and didn’t clean the coffee maker. They did get a nice $2 tip out of us. They won’t be getting that tomorrow. When I went to the front desk to complain just now, I was answered with a stack of bed clothes and told that I could change them myself but that nothing else could be done tonight. I was offered another room in a much less conveinent part of the hotel, but that was more hassel than just killing the bugs as they pop up. I’ll be talking with the manager in the morning before we go out to play. ::Fingers Crossed::

Well, time to change the sheets and try to sleep. All in all it was a pretty good day. Cain’t a few buggies bring me down.


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The Long and Winding Road

It has been a LONG day! It’s really been a long two days but who’s counting? We woke up at home around 8am yesterday. After a full day of taking care of a few final responsibilities we finally made our way out of town around 7pm. This of course after loading the clown car (Prius C) with 3 weeks worth of everything we could possibly need and then buzzing all over town for every Disney gift card every Kroger had in stock. (Double fuel points FTW!) Then we FINALLY skipped town and headed south. We checked off Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia off the list before landing in Florida around 11am. There were a few gas, bathroom, and geocache stops along the way. To be honest, most of it is a blur at this point. I got my 2nd wind when we got out of the car at Downtown Disney.

We used the almost $2000 worth of gift cards to buy Premier Annual Passes to Disney. Being the Mouse Junkies that we are, we knew that this whole adventure couldn’t really kick off until we went to Walt Disney World and since we’re going to California on this trip, it only made sense to upgrade the $100-ish to include access to Disneyland, also. After an emotional process (too excited to contain myself) we had the beautiful cards in hand and set off to explore the parks. 

Since Star Wars Weekends kicked off at Disney’s Hollywood Stuios today, we started there. It was a bit surreal how crowded it was, but that was to be expected. We didn’t ride anything, but we wandered around taking in the festivities for a while and then set out for the Magic Kingdom. We mostly strolled around the new Fantasyland expansion, but we did take the time to ride the new Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and I must say I was throughly pleased with how the attraction turned out. After that, the steam started to die down and hunger had set in. We set off for EPCOT to grab some Fish and Chips and settle in for our favorite fireworks show, Iluminations.

The Flower and Garden Festival has been going on so there were a few special food/drink stations set up. Once of which was a pineapple themed booth. A wonderful snack called a Dole Whip, which as far as I know can only be found in 3 places on the planet, was featured at this mysterious limited time engagement in a surprise 4th location. Dole Whip is smooth and delicious pineapple flavored soft-serve ice cream. To our delight the addition of spiced rum was an option in this one location so we had to indulge. After a lovely fish dinner we realized the we were too exhausted to last one more hour for the fireworks.

So here I sit, miserably tired and so unbelievable blessed to have started this wonderful adventure. The next few days will hopefully be filled with many more unforgettable memories.

To be continued….

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